My journey begins in a home in India. As a young girl I was always fascinated with the way in which my mom and the other women in my life presented themselves. Their elegance and grace in how they would show themselves touched me deeply. As I grew up and moved to United States that touch stayed with me. That led me to studying various beauty techniques and processes. I learned about hair, makeup, eyebrows, skin care, etc. After learning about all these different aspects of beauty I came to the conclusion that the first thing a person needs is the foundation. Not foundation in the sense of makeup, but rather foundation in the sense of healthy skin. Without a healthy, vibrant skin nothing else matters. Because of this I decided that I wanted to become a cosmetologist.

I studied hard to become a cosmetologist. I put in long hours. Many of those hours were just practicing techniques. In the end all of my hard work paid off and I got my esthetician license. My family was extremely excited that I achieved this. I got to work right away and started working at a local salon. After working at this salon a while I decided that I wanted to start my own business. That’s when I started my own salon from home.

While all of this was going on (coming to the US, getting my cosmetology license, working) I would always have jewelry sent to me from India. Part of the elegance that my mother had was the way in which she wore her jewelry and I wanted to emulate that. Over the years I had accumulated a lot of jewelry. When I started my cosmetology business clients would come to my house and they would see this jewelry that I had. They would compliment it and say how beautiful it looked and we would talk about it. Sometimes clients would ask if the piece of jewelry they saw was for sale. I brushed those off and said they were my personal pieces and not for sale. But it kept happening. More and more people would ask if these were for sale. This gave me an idea. When I had jewelry sent to me from India I would order some extra pieces to sell. When clients would ask if a piece was for sale I would show them the pieces that I bought to sell. Everyone instantly fell in love with these pieces of jewelry. I had more sent from India, this time for the sole purpose of selling them. As word spread about the jewelry I was selling I would get calls from people asking not for my cosmetology services but for the jewelry. That was the tipping point for me. At that point I decided that selling jewelry would become my main business. On that day Jewels by Ayesha was born.

My love and passion for jewelry has always been there, since I was a little girl watching my mom. I never even realized that this love and passion could turn into a thriving business. I want to welcome you to Jewels by Ayesha. Explore, imagine, get inspired as you browse the stunning selection of jewelry that we have here. You never know what will inspire you to unleash your own love and passion and create a legacy on this earth.